Design & Planning Service by In2theFuture

A service for the clients who are not quite sure what the “future” holds. If you have a project and would like to plan for “future technologies” but not ready to launch into the expensive equipment, then this could be right for you. It’s all about the planning!

The first question on most clients list is “I want my house to be future proof”, our answer is normally “for how long”. It’s always a difficult one to tackle as technology moves at such an alarming rate. We can arrange to meet you for a chat and you can tell us what you would ultimately desire to include in your dream home. We can show you our portfolio of previous projects to give you some ideas that you may not have considered.

As soon as the “brief” is agreed we can produce a wiring schematic ready for your Electrical Contractor to install. We can supply the correct cables and arrange a meeting with your Electrician to explain the plan. We also include a follow up “site meeting” as a double check prior to the walls being finished.

Data, TV & Sky Distribution Infrastructure:

We can supply solutions to cover Multiroom Audio, Data Networking, Digital TV, Sky & Freesat Signals plus much more.

Wireless Technology:

We understand that many systems and products rely on a wireless network but just how reliable is it?

“I can use my iPad in the study but as soon as I move to the other end of my house it no longer works”, this is a common problem.

With the latest building regulations pushing for improved energy ratings, foil backed insulation and under floor heating is commonplace and can cause major issues for wireless signals and their ability to transmit around the home. With a little thought and planning, a simple cable Infrastructure can be installed to help alleviate these issues. At the initial installation, a cable left hidden behind a wall is relatively inexpensive; installing a cable in the future could be extremely expensive.

If we can help just drop us a line, all we ask for is an electronic copy of your plans and we will do the rest.

Design Service Includes:

• Initial Meeting to discuss “Your Brief” & System Requirements
• Produce a Wiring Plan & Schematic (You provide an electronic copy of the property)
• We arrange a Site Meeting – Meet your Electrician and Supply Plans & Installation Cables (All cables are supplied in metre marked boxes) and signed for by your Site Electrician.
• Follow Up Meeting – Check cables with Electrician & calculate final cables used (above estimated value)

Optional Service:

• Supply & Terminate Outlet Modules for Data, TV & Satellite Connections
• Supply & Terminate Main Head End Rack, Patch Panels, TV & Sky Distribution Equipment

So whether your cables are used immediately or in years to come you have a house ready for the “future”, well “near future”.